Your Customers Are Getting Smarter (An Excerpt from Affect | A Newsletter by FitzMartin)

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Affect | Your Customers are Getting Smarter
Your customers are getting smarter by relying on a slew of online resources – websites, blog posts, white papers, webinars, online communities, videos and LinkedIn pages. As a result, the way B2B purchasers evaluate their options has radically changed.
  • By the time a B2B buyer contacts a sales rep, the prospect has already progressed through 60% of the consumer decision journey. They’ve done most of their due diligence to not only define their problem, but assess the value of your solution. This explains why...
  • 72% of B2B decision makers say that a major determinant of purchase choice is a sales rep’s ability to “solve business objectives.”
  • Sales forces are seeing that desire for deep expertise and practical thinking in their daily customer interactions: 65% of sales organizations identify heightened customer expectations as the number one barrier to closing deals.
Consultative selling isn’t new. What’s changed is this: prospects now have access to all of the resources they need to educate themselves at their own pace; free of guidance (or influence) from your sales force. As a result, B2B prospects are reaching out to sales reps later in the consumer decision journey. The power of your sales team to shape initial expectations, to frame problems in a way that couches your offerings in the most favorable light, has been severely eroded.
“Tell me what you know,” has been replaced with, “Teach me something new"...

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