Wake the Dead Testimonial: How We Turned a Dead Contact List Into $800,000 in Net New Revenue


FitzMartin has been working with Occupational Health Dynamics (OHD) since 2015.  A leader in the occ health industry, OHD provides law, fire, industrial and occ health industries with fit testing devices.  OHD had a large database of contacts that no one was actively following up on, generated from trade shows, referrals and marketing over the years. As we got OHD up and running in HubSpot, we didn’t want to upload the entire database without knowing if these contacts were still valid, or in simpler terms, marketing to a dead list. So our challenge was to find a way to validate and confirm the list.


We recommended a “Wake the Dead” email campaign., that was performed outside of HubSpot to see if we could resurrect any of these dead contacts.

With this campaign, we took their  database, analyzed the types of contacts and created unique email content for the contacts. After looking at their personas, we created a workflow map that outlined different conversion points based on the users behavior.  After the initial email to a list of 16,000, we were able to segment the list based on their interactions and created content unique to their behavior.

List Filtering:

CNP Advantages Re-engagement List (16,301)

  • Update about the company
  • Stage 1 Content Download

Visited CNP Advantages LP and Did not Convert (399)

  • Changed the CTA to “Schedule a free demo”

Opened CNP Advantages Re-engagement Email & Did Not Click (1902)

  • Changed the CTA to “Schedule a free demo”

CNP Advantages Re-Engagement - Did Not Open Initial Send (10,974)

  • Changed the Subject Line

*5% Bounce Rate


We sent out the emails, analyzed the data and reported on our findings. Of our list of 16,000, we had a 20% open rate. Great! People actually wanted to hear from us, despite not having heard from us for years.

Naturally, people unsubscribed. They always do. But as we let the campaign run, we noticed a spike in landing page traffic, web page traffic, conversions on our landing page and submissions on our contact page. That’s exciting.

Even more exciting was that we had 78 conversions from this campaign, and from those conversions, 35 of those went on to purchase one or more products. This is from a list that our client thought was dead! Come to find out, there were enough prospects wanting to hear from us that made this campaign worthwhile. And the 78 new contacts, well they’re now actively enrolled in a HubSpot workflow nurturing campaign.

Marketing Spend: $36,990

Product Unit price: $9,295

# of Units Sold: 35

Net New Revenue: $325,325

LTV: $837,825

ROI: For every dollar spent, OHD made $10.30

Content Downloads: 78

This campaign also created the highest landing page conversions with a 49% increase.


FitzMartin has been an amazing partner for us here at OHD. Their ability to adapt to our unique market segment as well as creative approach to inbound and outreach marketing is a winning combination. In a recent campaign titled ‘Wake the Dead’ FitzMartin took a rather large list of dead leads from our CRM database and created a strategic outreach initiative to re-engage these leads. This campaign alone yielded 35 purchases of our Quantifit respirator device!” -Justin Lobdell, OHD


This campaign has now turned into a Sales Enablement relationship. We meet regularly with OHD’s SVP of Sales and Marketing Director to review conversions, lead status and quality, and are continuing to build out new campaigns for new markets.

If you're interested in learning more on how we can serve your marketing needs, give us a call 205.302.1010 or send us a message.

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