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The Homepage is DEAD.

By Lauren Litchfield | January 26, 2016

FitzMartin has been advocating a model of building all webpages to serve as an entry point to a site for years! Search forces this to be considered. Many of our clients in the professional services field have prospects who are searching for a name so a bio page, not a homepage, is the best place to start.


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Marketing Needs More Data Artists (An Excerpt from Affect | A Newsletter by FitzMartin)

By Lori Sullivan | August 22, 2014

Our monthly newsletter, Affect, offers business-to-business sales and marketing insights, trends and helpful content that is applicable to your business. In the latest edition of Affect, our director of client growth, Charles Simpson, outlines why data and data-driven decision making must be an integral part of your marketing department as well as how to spot the qualities of a "data artist" in your team members.


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For Better or Worse, Your Web Analytics are Neither Good nor Bad

By Charles Simpson & Lori Sullivan | August 01, 2014

The more we teach others about how digital marketing works, the more we are reminded that one can’t truly understand how to interpret web analytics if they have a simplistic approach to evaluating results. 

What we mean by “simplistic” is this: the tendency to look at a data point, number or result on a particular day and only ask, “Is this result good or bad?” 


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