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100% of companies that publish multiple posts a day attribute sales to that effort.

By Sean Doyle | July 14, 2015

Social media is an enigma not just to marketers, but to anyone looking to monetize it. As the CEO of a client firm once said to me after we finally convinced him to get online via social media, “One of your employees was posting about their children’s potty training. Why would I ever care about that? Social media is a waste of time.”

On the flip side, if you are a social believer, you needn’t look any further than the period following Facebook’s IPO and its founder becoming one of the richest people on the planet to understand the considerable challenges in building a viable social media business model.

40% of B2B buyers say LinkedIn, yes it is a social media, is important when researching technology purchases 


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How Facebook Ads are Reaching Around the World

By Mekelle Bess | March 11, 2015

The challenges that come with running digital ads in emerging countries are different than those in the United States or Europe, where most consumers are using smartphones and are connected to WiFi or 4G anywhere and everywhere. This week Facebook launched a new program, Creative Accelerator, in order to help top worldwide agencies learn about advertising in less developed countries. How does it work? Large companies like Coke or Nestle build ads that work on slow networks in remote locations. They build ads that run no matter what speed or device a consumer is using.


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Social. Should You Try Again?

By Sean Doyle | March 10, 2015

“Linked In” is clearly the tool of choice for sales to do homework, or as my daughter would say… “stalking.” Yeah, that sounds a little creepy; let’s call it business intelligence. But you get the point. We like to use Linked in to find, to learn, to connect, to make introductions, to be smart. But can “in” be a performer for B2B marketing?

The results are trickling in and there are some questions to ask.


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“purpose driven social” leads to Social Media ROI

By Sean Doyle | March 07, 2015

“According to Green Hat and ADMA's B2B Marketing Outlook 2015 report, justifying social media usage is a challenge. The report said that 20% of business-to-business marketers say social activities last year garnered results, and an additional 25% saw results but said they were "not cost effective or consistent." Of those surveyed, 28% said their companies did not measure return-on-investment for social media efforts.” Nadia Cameron, CMO Magazine


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Top 9 Research Resources for Digital Marketers

By Lori Sullivan | February 04, 2015

If you are a digital marketer, then chances are you’ve found the vital need to become a good – no, an excellent – researcher. Sure, you know how to dig into pay-per-click conversion data, analyze website analytics until you go cross-eyed and do some mean calculations to determine bottom-line ROI, but a digital marketer’s job doesn’t stop there. 

As digital marketers, we have to place a huge emphasis on ongoing research. Ongoing is the keyword here. This research is a key job duty for anyone in the digital marketing world. Our digital marketplace changes every day, and we have to consistently learn and adapt to keep up with trends, updates and new developments in an effort to push forward and drive success. 


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Using Social Media to Drive Lead Generation

By Lori Sullivan | December 04, 2014

There are countless motivations behind using social media for business. It’s a great way to connect directly with customers and prospects. It’s an excellent source for reputation management and customer service. It’s a powerful tool to utilize when promoting your own unique, valuable content.

Many businesses spend their time and money driving people to their social sites, attempting to build their following. They even use traditional marketing methods to drive traffic to their social sites. Building a following that is engaged with your products or services is extremely important, but to build solid social media ROI for your business, let’s take your social strategy one step further.


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