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It’s Not All About the Money

By Mekelle Bess | February 18, 2015

Money. Time. Quotes. Discounts. Cheaper. Affordable. Package. Profitable.


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Better Creative Team + Better Agency Practices

By Mekelle Bess | January 21, 2015

Award-winning creative for our clients stems from a great creative team in-house. We believe the delivery of a creative product is only marginally enhanced by client budget (but don’t get us wrong, we are not going to turn down your million dollar budget!).

The following are three steps agencies or companies can follow to improve creative products and create more structure within the creative team, which, let’s be honest, tends to be more ADD than OCD.


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What Is a Marketing Partner?

By Mekelle Bess | August 13, 2014

To some companies, marketing agencies are seen as vendors - someone who is just a quote, someone to negotiate with or someone who costs them money. For years, however, agencies have been working to align themselves more as marketing partners. A partner, meaning someone who is strategically aligned and works together with clients to increase sales and revenue.


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