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MAT Industry Expected to Continue Growth, As Implementation of MAT Systems Becomes Trend for Businesses.

By Anna Svarney | August 31, 2016


Marketing Automation Technology (MAT) allows businesses to manage their customers, leads, social media, email efforts, and more without the headache of trying to handle these aspects of marketing and sales individually. Despite this technology’s ability to streamline processes, many organizations have historically felt that the cost of implementing an MAT system is too high, or they do not fully understand the benefits of automation.


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46% B2B product buyers are millennials

By Sean Doyle | April 14, 2015

I am 50 years old. What I see in my clients offices are millennials rapidly moving into the age of business leadership and authority. According to a recent Google and Millward Brown study 46% of potential buyers researching b-to-b products are millennials today. Guess what. They do not buy the way we did back when we were younger!


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Marketing Automation: Shifting from Beginner to Intermediate

By Lori Sullivan | October 10, 2014

Check out an excerpt below from our recent beginner-level webinar on marketing automation technology (MAT). Next week, we're shifting the marketing automation conversation a bit. Join us next Thursday, October 16 for a FREE 30-minute webinar called "Marketing That Teaches."


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A Marketing Automation Technology (MAT) Primer

By Lori Sullivan | August 08, 2014

Dissecting the mystical powerhouse behind killer digital marketing ROI

Marketing automation is a technology used to simplify and automate repetitive marketing tasks across numerous digital channels. It creates huge efficiencies for marketing teams, so it’s no surprise that marketing automation has seen the fastest growth of any CRM-related product segment in the last five years.


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