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Sales Enablement: The secret to turning data into new sales

By Will Riley | October 08, 2018

“ABC. ‘A’, always. ‘B’, be. ‘C’, closing. ALWAYS BE CLOSING. Always be closing.” -Glengarry Glen Ross.


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Marketing Should Inform Your Decisions By Testing, Thinking, Gathering and Applying Insights

By Sean Doyle | August 20, 2018

It’s ironic that one of the most intimidating challenges facing decision makers is making decisions! In businesses large and small, leaders must allocate resources and set priorities in the face of uncertainty.


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2017: New Year, New Marketing Trends

By Sarah Grace McDuff | January 24, 2017

We’ve officially entered 2017, and with the new year naturally comes new marketing trends that will play a large role in the next 365 days. Although many of these trends have been around for a while, a push towards their widespread adaptation will most likely make them major players in the marketing world for 2017.


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How to Catch Vanity Metrics: What to Look For to Avoid Metric Mayhem!

By Sarah Grace McDuff | August 18, 2016

In today’s world of web analytics, measuring marketing and advertising efforts is easier than ever before. What was once considered guesswork can now be analyzed with quantitative data to provide solid reporting. But how can we know which metrics to measure?


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New Business Development Training with Seyfarth Shaw

By Charles Simpson | May 12, 2016

New business development is an often difficult proposition for senior associates at large law firms. Of course, they face considerable demands on their time. Perfectionism used to be their ally back when they had adequate time to focus on one thing at a time and do it well (i.e. law school), but senior associates are usually spread too thin to embrace the fundamentals of new business development. Moreover, great attorneys tend to be introverted (not antisocial… there is indeed a difference).


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Impact the Consumer Decision Journey through Social Media

By Lauren Litchfield | May 10, 2016

Before making a purchase, over 70% of buyers conduct research by using social media. Overall we are reading that a buyer will use on average 5 digital sources other than your website to “check up” on you and your company. Interesting and actionable data.

A great resource to convert your prospects through the stages of the consumer decision journey is your social media content.


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Account Service Intern, Summer 2016

By Lauren Litchfield | April 07, 2016

Position Title: Account Service Intern, Summer 2016

Position Type: Internship

Location: Birmingham, AL

Salary: Paid, Non-Exempt, Temporary

Hours: 25 hours minimum availability is required (M-F, between 8-5pm)

Contact: Anna Svarney (anna@fitzmartin.com). Please send a resume and a one-page cover letter, along with start-end dates and weekly availability to anna@fitzmartin.com. In your cover letter, please give us two reasons why you’re perfect for this job and two reasons why this job is perfect for you.



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Freshwater Land Trust Logo Refresh

By Sean Doyle | March 02, 2016

FitzMartin has been working with Freshwater Land Trust for years. Our team originally developed the first FWLT logo, and with the celebration of the organization’s 20th anniversary, we gave the logo a fresh new look. It was a pleasure working alongside Wendy Jackson and her passionate team on this project!


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