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Are you using B2B marketing and PR cyber bullying practices? Three terms to know and four tips for spotting this illicit practice.

By Lauren Litchfield | January 12, 2016

I've been thinking about how special interest groups use “grassroots” efforts to alter public perception on certain issues. B2B marketing often faces difficult issues, such as regulatory change, and can be tempted to fall into these practices only considering the outcome, not the morality.


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Why is FitzMartin a huge fan of opening up web analytics to clients?

By Sean Doyle | July 06, 2015





Does your agency give you full access to your web site analytics? Many only offer screen grabs dropped into Word doc reports. We believe that is an antiquated practice built on fear. In fact we find it very peculiar that all agencies do not have an open door policy to the raw data. We do. Know why?


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