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What to do when your prospect doesn't understand what you do

By Kelsey Robinson | April 30, 2015

Is the Services Marketing Dilemma costing you business?

I took my car to be serviced a couple weeks ago.  When the mechanic had finished, he handed me an invoice of all the checks and changes he’d made. The problem is I have a very limited understanding of cars.  I can’t determine whether he actually repaired what he said he did; I have no way to know whether his work was sloppy or exceptional.  Unless my car breaks down on the way home from the garage, I assume that he did a good job. 

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How Better Writing Can Help You Sell More

By Mac Logue | April 28, 2015

Aristotle and Good Copywriting


Aristotle and the art of writing that sellsSo, does good writing sell?

In the world of business-to-business marketing, in particular complex industries like financial services, the short answer is of course yes. In fact, good writing sells exponentially more than poor or mediocre writing. But what is good writing?

Above all else, good writing is compelling. The trick is that there are an almost limitless number of ways to compel people to action. One sound way to prepare your argument follows the ancient science of rhetoric. It’s amazing that after thousands of years, the basic principles that Aristotle defined still apply to your business.


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Bankers do not belong on social media!

By Sean Doyle | March 31, 2015

Should the bank be listening to social media? Why should my credit union be involved with Twitter? Many bank and credit union executives ask this question.

Perhaps you say its hard to believe that it is even a debate. Perhaps you wonder why anyone would even ask.

Back off. If you have it figured out and are doing it then fine. But by doing it I mean you are listening to your customers, solving customer service problems and actively investing and garnering profit from your social tools, well then ok. Act all flabbergasted. 


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Fear and Marketing

By Mac Logue | February 20, 2015

We’ve been working a great deal lately on positioning and creative strategy for a new client. They are in financial services, an industry not typically associated with bold creative innovation. As a matter of course, I’ve been re-reading for what seems like the thousandth time the communications of other companies and I’m struck, yet again, by the herd mentality.


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