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Impact the Consumer Decision Journey through Social Media

By Lauren Litchfield | May 10, 2016

Before making a purchase, over 70% of buyers conduct research by using social media. Overall we are reading that a buyer will use on average 5 digital sources other than your website to “check up” on you and your company. Interesting and actionable data.

A great resource to convert your prospects through the stages of the consumer decision journey is your social media content.


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Account Service Intern, Summer 2016

By Lauren Litchfield | April 07, 2016

Position Title: Account Service Intern, Summer 2016

Position Type: Internship

Location: Birmingham, AL

Salary: Paid, Non-Exempt, Temporary

Hours: 25 hours minimum availability is required (M-F, between 8-5pm)

Contact: Anna Svarney (anna@fitzmartin.com). Please send a resume and a one-page cover letter, along with start-end dates and weekly availability to anna@fitzmartin.com. In your cover letter, please give us two reasons why you’re perfect for this job and two reasons why this job is perfect for you.



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From Vanity to Value Metrics: Your Digital ROI

By Andrea Walker | May 22, 2015

Like beauty, did you know metrics can run skin deep? If you look up the term "vanity," you'll find another definition..."lack of real value." 

Vanity metrics can have the same affect as dating a beautiful but vain person...they are nice to show off in public but lack any true depth that offers you real insights and growth. 



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Mobile marketing. It’s a tricky world in that it looks easy and is accessible to everyone.

By Sean Doyle | April 27, 2015

Mobile marketing. It’s a tricky world in that it looks easy and is accessible to everyone. I roll my eyes when I see the internet marketing ads that promise a small company it can just built a simple website and buy ad words with success chasing on its heels. Yes, it is a powerful tool. No, it’s not easy as just buying some ads and keyword terms. Same goes for Linked in ads: Easy to buy. Not easy to get results.

Hiring the right partner is also relatively simple in theory, less so in practice. Ask a firm or person who you think might be able to help you to send one thing, a report.You need to see how...


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Women's Media Consumption Habits

By Mekelle Bess | April 08, 2015

Did you know women have a spending power of over $5 trillion in the United States? So how are brands marketing to women? A Meredith study, conducted by Insights in Marketing (http://bit.ly/1DQTaCb) on over 2,500 women ages 18-67, discovered more about women's preferred channels, digital preferences, and the kind of information they are most likely to share with friends and family. Interesting findings include the following:


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Bankers do not belong on social media!

By Sean Doyle | March 31, 2015

Should the bank be listening to social media? Why should my credit union be involved with Twitter? Many bank and credit union executives ask this question.

Perhaps you say its hard to believe that it is even a debate. Perhaps you wonder why anyone would even ask.

Back off. If you have it figured out and are doing it then fine. But by doing it I mean you are listening to your customers, solving customer service problems and actively investing and garnering profit from your social tools, well then ok. Act all flabbergasted. 


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Social. Should You Try Again?

By Sean Doyle | March 10, 2015

“Linked In” is clearly the tool of choice for sales to do homework, or as my daughter would say… “stalking.” Yeah, that sounds a little creepy; let’s call it business intelligence. But you get the point. We like to use Linked in to find, to learn, to connect, to make introductions, to be smart. But can “in” be a performer for B2B marketing?

The results are trickling in and there are some questions to ask.


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The Mobile Content Mind-Set

By Lori Sullivan | February 23, 2015

We all know that mobile device usage has grown drastically in recent years, but where do we stand now? More than half of all digital content is now consumed via mobile devices.


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Why Real-Time Bidding?

By Mekelle Bess | February 11, 2015

Traditionally, media buying was all about scale. Agencies would use a client's budget to negotiate discounts and best rates. The more you had to spend, the better deal you would get. While this is still true in TV and some print venues, when it comes to digital buying, programmatic buying creates huge opportunities for smaller agencies and/or clients with smaller budgets. 


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Top 9 Research Resources for Digital Marketers

By Lori Sullivan | February 04, 2015

If you are a digital marketer, then chances are you’ve found the vital need to become a good – no, an excellent – researcher. Sure, you know how to dig into pay-per-click conversion data, analyze website analytics until you go cross-eyed and do some mean calculations to determine bottom-line ROI, but a digital marketer’s job doesn’t stop there. 

As digital marketers, we have to place a huge emphasis on ongoing research. Ongoing is the keyword here. This research is a key job duty for anyone in the digital marketing world. Our digital marketplace changes every day, and we have to consistently learn and adapt to keep up with trends, updates and new developments in an effort to push forward and drive success. 


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