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Why content isn't the problem — a lack of insight is

By Mac Logue | November 01, 2016

There are few absolutes in life, much less in the world of marketing. But in our experience, about the closest thing to an absolute is this: if a project is going to fail to meet its objectives, it will fail because of content. It doesn’t really matter if it’s a new website or an integrated campaign, most projects fail because they don’t say anything of consequence.


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How Better Writing Can Help You Sell More

By Mac Logue | April 28, 2015

Aristotle and Good Copywriting


Aristotle and the art of writing that sellsSo, does good writing sell?

In the world of business-to-business marketing, in particular complex industries like financial services, the short answer is of course yes. In fact, good writing sells exponentially more than poor or mediocre writing. But what is good writing?

Above all else, good writing is compelling. The trick is that there are an almost limitless number of ways to compel people to action. One sound way to prepare your argument follows the ancient science of rhetoric. It’s amazing that after thousands of years, the basic principles that Aristotle defined still apply to your business.


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No Magic Words

By Mac Logue | December 22, 2014

I ran across a sales and marketing article recently called The Ultimate List of Words That Sell. There is a good bit to like in their thinking though, as usual, I have opinions about these things. Most notably, there are no magic words that sell; these words are not a kind of pixie dust that magically closes a deal.


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Your Customers Are Getting Smarter (An Excerpt from Affect | A Newsletter by FitzMartin)

By Lori Sullivan | September 23, 2014

Our monthly newsletter, Affect, offers business-to-business sales and marketing insights, trends and helpful content that is applicable to your business. Check out an exerpt from the latest edition of Affect, written by our director of client growth, Charles Simpson.


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