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Instagram: The New Face of B2B Marketing?

By Sarah Grace McDuff | June 08, 2016

A recent report by TrackMaven showed that B2B companies who use social media receive their highest engagement ratios on Instagram. While LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are the most popular platforms for B2B companies, Instagram is an open playing field with only 19% of B2B companies using the platform. Yet the data is staggering: the engagement ratio for B2B companies on Instagram (the average number of interactions per post per 1,000 followers) is 22.53, 20 times more than the engagement ratio for LinkedIn (1.09). If Instagram provides such high levels of engagement, why are so few B2B companies taking advantage of this social media platform?


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Brand Refresh for Freshwater Land Trust

By Sean Doyle | March 29, 2016

In celebration of its 20th anniversary and the people, partners and places that have made its conservation work possible, the Freshwater Land Trust started off the next 20 years with a fresh look. The past few years have been monumental for the Land Trust, as its mission has grown in both scale and scope, while its role in the Birmingham community has increased in importance. It is vital that the FWLT marketing position continues to reflect its expanded mission. To that end, FitzMartin updated the Land Trust logo, specifically the typography, to give the mark a more modern, more energetic feel. The biggest reason for the change is FWLT increased effort to attract the next generation of conservationists, who represent the future of its organization.


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Freshwater Land Trust Logo Refresh

By Sean Doyle | March 02, 2016

FitzMartin has been working with Freshwater Land Trust for years. Our team originally developed the first FWLT logo, and with the celebration of the organization’s 20th anniversary, we gave the logo a fresh new look. It was a pleasure working alongside Wendy Jackson and her passionate team on this project!


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Why We Learn: the question of our time

By Mac Logue | January 26, 2016

This past fall, we were fortunate to work with the marketing communications people at Auburn University Montgomery on a new branding campaign. Their expectations were high, asking to help engage people in one of the biggest questions of our time: Is college worth the cost? The result, Why We Learn, is a unique ad that begins the dialog with prospectrive students and parents. It also presents AUM in an entirely new light, while challenging the perceptions of University marketing.  


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Old School Art: Telling a Corporate Story

By Mac Logue | May 04, 2015

Our client, as they aptly put it, makes small rocks out of big rocks. Granted, these rocks form the foundation for our country's infrastructure. The challenge: how to use those rocks to represent Vulcan's commitment to the communities in which they live and work. It turns out that not everything in our business these days is made from pixels. 


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Brand Characters

By Mekelle Bess | October 27, 2014

One of my favorite TV spots running right now is the 2015 Kia Soul hamster commercial featuring the new hit song "Animals." I love these spots because of the music and let's be honest… the hamster dancing. Who would've ever thought such a silly idea would be so memorable, humorous and bring so much attention? I would love to know all about the thinking that went on behind the scenes. Why hamsters? 

Let's talk a minute about using brand characters, icons or personality symbols in ad campaigns. In today's world, visual often trumps the written word. Often times, using characters can bring instant recognition across many media outlets from print to video. In an article written by LeeBeth Cranmer entitled Using Brand Characters to Create Enduring Brand Appeal, Cranmer explains how brand character appeal is tied to visual recall. Did you know that the brain has more cortex devoted to processing visual information that our other senses? We're programmed to retrieve visual information more than auditory information. 


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