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MAT Industry Expected to Continue Growth, As Implementation of MAT Systems Becomes Trend for Businesses.

By Anna Svarney | August 31, 2016


Marketing Automation Technology (MAT) allows businesses to manage their customers, leads, social media, email efforts, and more without the headache of trying to handle these aspects of marketing and sales individually. Despite this technology’s ability to streamline processes, many organizations have historically felt that the cost of implementing an MAT system is too high, or they do not fully understand the benefits of automation.


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Instagram: The New Face of B2B Marketing?

By Sarah Grace McDuff | June 08, 2016

A recent report by TrackMaven showed that B2B companies who use social media receive their highest engagement ratios on Instagram. While LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are the most popular platforms for B2B companies, Instagram is an open playing field with only 19% of B2B companies using the platform. Yet the data is staggering: the engagement ratio for B2B companies on Instagram (the average number of interactions per post per 1,000 followers) is 22.53, 20 times more than the engagement ratio for LinkedIn (1.09). If Instagram provides such high levels of engagement, why are so few B2B companies taking advantage of this social media platform?


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Impact the Consumer Decision Journey through Social Media

By Lauren Litchfield | May 10, 2016

Before making a purchase, over 70% of buyers conduct research by using social media. Overall we are reading that a buyer will use on average 5 digital sources other than your website to “check up” on you and your company. Interesting and actionable data.

A great resource to convert your prospects through the stages of the consumer decision journey is your social media content.


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Account Service Intern, Summer 2016

By Lauren Litchfield | April 07, 2016

Position Title: Account Service Intern, Summer 2016

Position Type: Internship

Location: Birmingham, AL

Salary: Paid, Non-Exempt, Temporary

Hours: 25 hours minimum availability is required (M-F, between 8-5pm)

Contact: Anna Svarney (anna@fitzmartin.com). Please send a resume and a one-page cover letter, along with start-end dates and weekly availability to anna@fitzmartin.com. In your cover letter, please give us two reasons why you’re perfect for this job and two reasons why this job is perfect for you.



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The Homepage is DEAD.

By Lauren Litchfield | January 26, 2016

FitzMartin has been advocating a model of building all webpages to serve as an entry point to a site for years! Search forces this to be considered. Many of our clients in the professional services field have prospects who are searching for a name so a bio page, not a homepage, is the best place to start.


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“Renewed focus will enhance FitzMartin’s legacy of helping business leaders achieve revenue goals”

By Mac Logue | November 23, 2015

FitzMartin Business-to-Business Marketing Firm Shifts Focus


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Finding Profit By Listening

By Sean Doyle | June 17, 2015

Last week I mentioned an experience with a top executive at a small- to mid-sized business (SMB) as we worked to identify opportunities for growth. In it I said, “…we began the discussion of how to find (the desired) growth. We looked at two paths. Core Growth Innovation, growth found in current clients and current markets and New Growth Innovation, growth from customers and markets not connected to current operations.”

To read that post: http://bit.ly/1MSaWHf

The more I thought about Core Growth Innovation it lead me think and consider how I pursue that innovation and what single thing would I share with a business leader who asked about how to lead an innovation effort.


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Are you interested in 4 more SEO myths hurting your sales & marketing

By Sean Doyle | June 02, 2015

Are you interested in learning 4 more SEO myths? Myths that are hurt your sales and marketing results?

Last week I jotted a few of my errors and shared some poor thinking I had around good sales driven SEO practices. Cathartic and helpful to share. It was so much fun that I jotted down four more.

As I shared before, over the years I’ll admit to committing many SEO errors. It’s true. Hope that does not let you down! However, I am in good company.

Results! Why, man, I have gotten a lot of results. I know several thousand things that won't work. 
Thomas A. Edison

The good news is I learned and do not make these mistakes any more. It is not uncommon to also hear these four questions asked so here goes. While not exactly a “tell all”…I hope these additional comments offer more insights that will help you find profit!

#4 Meta descriptions are the key to good SEO right?


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3 SEO myths that hurt your sales & marketing results

By Sean Doyle | May 29, 2015

Are you interested in hearing 3 SEO myths that I see hurting sales and marketing results?

Over the years I’ll admit to having had every one of these questions. It’s true. Hope that does not let you down! The good news is I learned and do not make these mistakes any more. It is not uncommon to still hear the questions asked so here goes.

Small business leaders cannot afford to make many errors. Bandwidth is narrow, tasks are looming and the pressures of finding sales results bear down. Search plays such an important role in lead generation that we much understand at least a few key elements.

While not exactly a “tell all”…I hope this offers a few insights that will help you avoid my wayward path!

Good SEO does yield profit.  Here are three ideas to help.

#1 Are “more links” better than “more content” to drive search engines?


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Sales teams waste time. Sure. It’s true. (part 2)

By Sean Doyle | May 19, 2015

Last week I shgared some thinking about sales teams and the time they waste. Read: you lose profit! If you missed it check it out here: http://blog.fitzmartin.com/sales-teams-waste-time

Part 2: What is the result of hiring you (buying)?

“Our Sales Gap Analysis applies a proven methodology, grounded in behavioral science, to clarify what tools (and selling behaviors) are appropriate at each stage of the consumer decision journey. We start by working with you to appraise the current performance of your sales and marketing efforts. We then look closely to identify what gaps (or barriers) might exist in your sales and marketing processes, all from the perspective of B2B decision makers. From there, we’ll collaborate with you to plug those gaps and tear down any walls.

The result will be more sales from better customers. How?


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