Sales teams waste time. Sure. It’s true. (part 2)

salesgapLast week I shgared some thinking about sales teams and the time they waste. Read: you lose profit! If you missed it check it out here:

Part 2: What is the result of hiring you (buying)?

“Our Sales Gap Analysis applies a proven methodology, grounded in behavioral science, to clarify what tools (and selling behaviors) are appropriate at each stage of the consumer decision journey. We start by working with you to appraise the current performance of your sales and marketing efforts. We then look closely to identify what gaps (or barriers) might exist in your sales and marketing processes, all from the perspective of B2B decision makers. From there, we’ll collaborate with you to plug those gaps and tear down any walls.

The result will be more sales from better customers. How? The result will be more sales from better customers. How? By giving you the guidance and direction you need to adapt to a world where prospects want control. By equipping you with the right sales processes and tools at the correct time. By providing you the clarity to bring marketing, sales and prospects into alignment.”

What is the price?

“Price: $18,000 over 80 hours = $225/hour blended (three employees: strategy/planner, AE and art director)”

What is the process to do this?

I. Define whether this effort will be applied organization-wide, to a specific product/service offering and whether channel/distribution partners will be a factor.

II. Define client scope - are customer experience, operations and channel/distribution partners fair game?

III. Send/receive applicable diagnostic tools

  •    Sales/Marketing Alignment Diagnostic
  •    Sales/Marketing Performance Diagnostic (quantitative/financial)
  •    GroundWork questionnaire for broader context
  •    Distribution/channel structure

IV. Analyze diagnostic feedback and prep for working session

(Additional 32 hours if we have to chase down/calculate Sales and Marketing Analytics)

V. Day-long working session (where we perform the actual gap analysis)

VI. Compile findings/initiatives from session and deliver to client

VII. Help client define priorities for tool development initiatives, next steps


What is the application of this information? How can you take my Sales Gap Analysis product/service plan sample and have it help you sell more? Two thoughts:

First, having a product/service plan documented helps both internal and external constituents understand and evaluate an offering without lengthy sales conversations and without wasting time preparing new proposals or marketing materials. In fact, having these plans in place forces your company to have a fixed point that prevents both your sales force, and your leadership, from reinventing the business every time they spot and opportunity and want to sell something — anything.

Second. No plug in or software will ever solve the problem of salespeople wasting time. Time gets wasted primarily because people shoot from the hip at both the sales and leadership levels of a company, whether it be a bank or a law firm or a manufacturing shop. A firm without a defined and documented plan will also never fit into a narrow into a position; adapting to a narrow position allows you to deepen your expertise and in the process become more relevant to your buyer. It’s this positioning and depth that create efficiency in a sales force.

Begin by not purchasing software. If you want efficiency internally and externally, begin by crafting product/service plans that chisel these 5 elements in stone.

  1.      what
  2.      why
  3.      result
  4.      price
  5.      process

Download the Sales Gap Analysis

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