PPC: Benefits, Objectives & Overcoming Challenges

In an October 2013 survey by Ascend2 of business leaders and marketing professionals, only 8% of those polled do not currently use pay-per-click advertising and have no plans to do so in the future.

There’s no surprise that PPC is a widely used digital tactic. It allows for increased web traffic and online visibility, strategically targeted messaging, better speed-to-market and precise hands-on management and control. It’s also typically cost-effective compared to traditional media outlets.


Of marketers that currently use PPC campaigns, 54% of survey respondents note increasing lead generation at their top PPC objective. Following, marketers also strive to increase conversion rates (46%), sales revenue (43%) and PPC return on investment (30%).

Reaching and exceeding your lead generation goals is surely worth attempting to overcome the challenges of PPC advertising, right? We think so!

46% of respondents cited increased keyword competition which results in a higher cost-per-click as their largest obstacle. Surprisingly, the next of the top five PPC challenges do not reflect intricate barriers like bidding complexity but hone in on bigger picture items like effective PPC strategy, budget, overall proficiency and time.

So, how do you as a marketer overcome these challenges? Educate yourself! Become a PPC expert. Research and discover resources at your fingertips to become a better digital marketer. Here are some helpful links to put you on the road to PPC success:

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