How to Gain Back 8 Days of Your Marketing Staff's Life

It’s no secret that social media has become almost an obsession in the sales and marketing world over the past decade. Executives often wonder why so much time is being spent on this by the teams who run the social media strategy. Well, partly it's because marketers are scrambling to keep up with the latest social media platform and learn the ever changing ins and outs of successful social media practices. But still posting, managing, and browsing can be seriously time-consuming. The simple solution? Keyboard shortcuts.

According to Brainscape, ignoring keyboard shortcuts costs the average American worker 64 hours per year. That’s 8 entire days! Although memorizing shortcuts may seem tedious, the payoff is definitely worth the effort: spending just 20 minutes memorizing simple shortcuts can save you an entire workweek.

It's established that social media keyboard shortcuts are some of the most useful tools in a marketer’s arsenal, but where can you find these elusive time-savers? Here’s a list of 5 infographics/tutorials that cover all you need to know in terms of social media keyboard shortcuts. Print these handy infographics out and keep them by your computer, or better yet spend 15 minutes memorizing these nifty shortcuts.

1. Hootsuite has compiled a list of 25+ shortcuts across more than 7 social media platforms:

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2. Ad Week has all the basics covered for Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google +, and YouTube:

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3. Buffer has compiled a list of over 100 shortcuts for a variety of sites, such as WordPress and Evernote:

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4. Finally, this post from Social Chefs has great shortcuts for Canva (free graphic design tool):

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Congratulations! You’ve just gained back 8 days of your life with these simple shortcuts. Who knew that a few key combinations could be so efficient?