Strengthening New Client Relationships

JulJuly 27, 2023

Strengthening New Client Relationships

Customer success has never been more crucial. Our CEO, Sean M Doyle, joined Scott Love recently on an episode of the Rainmaking Podcast, where they discussed the keys to limiting customer churn along with the best ways you can continue to market to your current clients to increase LTV.

Sean joined Scott Love, host of The Rainmaking Podcast, to discuss how companies can strengthen new client relationships and increase the likelihood of retaining customers for the long haul.

Closing the sale is a significant goal for any company, but it’s not the end-game. In fact, when a sale is complete and the new engagement is officially made, the sales process is anywhere but over. Rather, it just shifts into another noteworthy part of the journey: customer retention. What owners, CMOs and salespeople must remember is that the best way to limit customer churn is continuing to market to their clients. That means maintaining a buyer-centric focus and putting the time and effort into understanding why they decided to purpose from you in the first place.

 Key takeaways:

  •     80% of buyers continue to look back at their past behavior even after the sale.
  •     Salespeople are better equipped to overcome the buyer’s natural behavior of looking back if they stay focused on the buyer’s needs and understand why the customer made the decision to purchase from them.
  •     It’s only natural for any business to experience customer churn, but it should be a healthy churn of no more than 25%. 
  •     B2B companies should consider reallocating early-stage marketing dollars to spend on customer success.
  •     Reach out to existing customers to discover why they chose to purchase your product or service and then deliver a quarterly or annual report card to them focused solely on how your product or service is meeting their needs (and not about what you and your company can do).

We focus on the things we do, and we don't understand that that's not what the buyer was buying.” –Sean Doyle.” 

About the host: Scott Love is the president of The Attorney Search Group, a company that specializes in  partner placement, group lift-outs and mergers for legal firms. He’s also the host of The Rainmaking Podcast, a podcast that seeks to help companies get bigger and better business from their clients.