Selling and Marketing for Today's Consumers

AugAugust 10, 2022

Selling and Marketing for Today's Consumers

Sean joined Anthony Garcia on “Selling and Marketing for Today’s Consumers'' to talk about how this framework not only helps clients move the needle, but also helps the seller maximize their performance and catapult profitability.

Consumers today have access to more knowledge and information than ever before, and that can make selling to them harder than ever—unless your sales and marketing teams are centered around Centricity, the trans-theoretical theorem of behavioral change. Utilizing its nine best practices, salespeople can more efficiently and accurately pinpoint where the prospect is on the buyer’s journey and guide them through the decision and into the deal.

“We call it centricity because it’s centered not on sales’ need, not on marketing’s need—it’s centered on the buyer. Sales and marketing should never align to each other–they should align to the customer.” – Sean Doyle

About the host: Speaker, author and business coach
Anthony Garcia is the host of the
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