Price Anchoring - Part 2

JanJanuary 21, 2022

Price Anchoring - Part 2

Following up from the last episode, Sean joined Estie Rand on “Price Anchoring” to discuss the mistakes companies tend to make and how to implement price anchoring successfully.

There’s power in customer psychology, and that theory holds true when it comes to price anchoring. The cost of a product or service—whether it’s “cheap” or “expensive”—is subjective. It’s based around the perception of the buyer, and that’s where price anchoring comes into play. Price anchoring gives customers a number to refer to when making those types of decisions, and often businesses aren’t utilizing the price anchoring strategy effectively. 

The purpose of marketing is to get the attention for the thing people want to buy, but you have to have a flow that you put them through to purchase.” – Estie Rand

About the host: Estie Rand is the founder of as well as a consultant and coach at Strand Consulting, a Los Angeles-based company that seeks to help business owners increase profit and productivity. She’s also the host of the Business Breakthrough podcast, where she continues her mission to provide clarity and solutions to businesses.