Optimizing Sales and Marketing Operations

MarMarch 21, 2023

Optimizing Sales and Marketing Operations

Sean joined Damon Pistulka, host of The Faces of Business podcast, to discuss strategic ways businesses can optimize sales and marketing operations and why it's critical to achieving smooth and fast business progress. 

Whatever the goals of a business owner—whether it’s to continue growing the company or amassing success to eventually sell it—there’s no way to achieve any goal without first building a strong sales and marketing operation. What owners, CMOs and salespeople alike must remember is that to do so successfully, both silos must align around the needs of the buyer. When sales and marketing both get on the side of the buyer—taking the time to understand their needs—the net result is also sales and marketing alignment. 

Key takeaways:

  • There is a systematic way buyers go through the buying process, and there are 10 best practices that impact specific parts of the buyer’s journey.
  • People don’t want to make a bad decision. If they don’t have the information to make a good decision, they will make no decision at all.
  • Most people approach sales and marketing alignment incorrectly. Sales and marketing should be aligned around the buyer, and when they are, they will naturally align.
  • Salespeople must be ready to sell to people who don’t even know they have a problem, raising their consciousness that there is a solution they didn’t even know about to a problem they didn’t even know about.
  • Instead of incorrectly focusing on awareness, salespeople must focus on conscious raising, ensuring the prospect understands why their product or service should matter to them.

Building a better sales and marketing operation builds a strong business that feeds you better today and in the long term.” —Damon Pistulka

About the host: Damon Pistulka is the co-founder and managing director of Exit Your Way, a company dedicated to helping owners build successful businesses, improve operations and create successful business exits when they want to sell. He’s also the host of The Faces of Business, a podcast devoted to helping owners discover new ways to accelerate their business growth.