The Psychology of Marketing

MayMay 03, 2022

The Psychology of Marketing

Sean joined Stacy Jones for “The Psychology of Marketing” to discuss the nine best practices that will help salespeople better understand consumer behavior and when rewards should come into play on the sales journey.

Closing deals requires so much more than simply offering the best product or service. Consistent selling requires a salesperson to understand the psychology behind marketing and sales.

“You make mistakes and learn from them, and then you don’t make that same mistake. You find a new mistake to make and you keep on bundling that and make another and another and another. And somehow along the way, you forge a way to find success. And those are the building blocks. Failure is actually your building blocks to find success.” – Stacy Jones

About the host:
Stacy Jones is a writer, a speaker and the founder and CEO of Hollywood Branded, a Los Angeles-based company that specializes in developing branded partnership campaigns to increase the cool factor of a brand. She’s also the host of Marketing Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them), a podcast dedicated to helping branding marketers and business owners improve their strategies to positively impact the bottom line and, of course, avoid mistakes along the way.