Make More Sales

AugAugust 10, 2022

Make More Sales

Sean Doyle discusses centricity and the importance of private-public commitments with Anthony Garcia, host of Catapulting Commissions. 

Listen to learn why it’s important for marketing to create relevant messaging that enables the buyer to understand the solution your products or services offer. More targeted marketing throughout the buyer journey empowers sales teams with the buyer insight needed to close more deals and drive growth.

Selling and marketing for today’s consumers according to behavioral science
You got to start with a belief that selling is about helping people, not manipulating people to do something. In Marketing, we call it a consumer decision journey or a buyer's journey. Sales know the pipeline report, which is just a codification of that. We all know that.

But the behavioral science that we follow is called the Trans theoretical theorem of behavioral change. There are nine codified best practices to help people as they make the decision, from no action to action, from being unaware of your product to understand the need of your product, to buying your product.

And there are some things that sales can do intuitively and intuitively that can be codified by these nine best practices. It's countering. It's environmental controls. It's rewarding for private, for good behavior. It's helping relationships. It's social liberation. That's a bunch of scientific terms. That's what sales do.