Get Ready for 2018: Planning Is Key

You wouldn’t run a marathon without training. You wouldn’t take a test without studying. You shouldn’t go into the new year without a strategic, comprehensive plan. It’s about time to start thinking about 2018. The best way to ensure your business’s success in 2018 is to make sure that you have a plan. A plan that’s actually well thought out, deliberate, and takes into consideration your past performance. Success in business, just like success in any aspect of life, is contingent on good planning.

With 25 years and over 5,000 clients worth of experience, not only do we enjoy planning retreats, but we're also good at helping teams build out their strategy. We conduct planning retreats in multiple fashions to fit the unique needs of your business. One of which is a live, video session with a retreat leader.

What are the pros of this session? The first is that it is cost effective. A fast and helpful consultation: pretty sweet deal! Secondly, there’s no hassle involved. The consultation is done remotely, which means that FitzMartin can provide analysis and insight into your business without you having to clear room in your schedule.

You get a marketeer who brings years of practice, insights from 100's of other companies plans, and feedback that is insightful and ready to use.

This particular planning retreat is a great compliment to your 2018 strategy formation: we’ll provide analysis of your company marketing communications plan, pinpoint what you’re doing well and what you could improve upon, and develop a fresh perspective to create a roadmap for the coming year.

The live, video session planning would be a great fit for you if:

  • You already have a good idea of where you want your company to go in the future
  • You don’t have time for a planning retreat but want to get the extra insight from a consultation
  • You don’t have the extra budget to spend.

It’s time to be prepared for the future, and we want to help. Frankly it's just too much fun to help business leaders in this setting we just can't say no! Learn more about our planning retreat here.



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Learn more about the three different ways we can tailor a marketing and sales planning retreat to best suit your business's needs.