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I love small business. In fact, I have been part of one for nearly 25 years. Since you are reading this blog, then you probably love small business. Perhaps you, too, own-lead or work in one.

Why do I love it? Big business boasts plenty of MBA holders and executive teams who can pontificate on almost any aspect of their business—and then leave the implementation to others. But that’s not the world you and I as small-business leaders live in. So for now, we will shun the academic and deal with the practical. This is the world I love. 

We get to root around in the hard, the confusing and opportunity. We get to work cross functionally and see the impact we make on our own and others lives. THAT is fulfilling. 

But you are able to do better. I know you are interested in being profitable, sustainably marketable, accountable, admirable and inimitable.

This blog is written for the owners and CEOs of small to mid-sized, B2B professional and manufacturing firms--even the occasional B2C firm. It's written as a practical, business-driven guide for an executive in charge of marketing but not trained for the task.

My training has come from a long career of helping people sell stuff. Every marketer when asked for previous clients will pull out the biggest names they ever worked with. For me it’s Georgia Pacific, the Southeastern Conference (yes, the college sport empire), BBVA Compass (one of the largest banks on the globe) and a few other attention-getters. But the truth is that I have spent most of my career not working for international banks or the Fortune 1,000 but for $5- to $70-million companies like those that make up most of American business.

More to the point, I have not spent my days consulting with national sexy retail consumer brands, but with business to business companies. Instead of selling slick cars flying down coastal highways, my firm helps sell oil field pump drives in Midwestern prairies. We sell the benefits of certain carpet fibers to architects instead of high fashion in bigbox retail or the fancy high-end personal stoves that mimic the environment a chef works in. But small business is the stuff of America. Most transactions in life are in small business. Think of the thousands of purchases that happen before one car is sold to a buyer at a dealership. Small business is where it happens, and it’s where I’ve lived for more than 20 years.

This BLOG is focused on helping guide you to form a framework from which your marketing and sales function can have a common language and can more intelligently do its tasks or practice its craft. It builds a view that is effective because it is focused on the human at the focus of your efforts…the prospect.

Join us on the journey to change small business and help people accomplish personal and professional goals!

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