Dig a Little Deeper: Why a deep dive planning retreat is a good fit

Getting away from the office and taking a step back to think about your business can have huge benefits. Just look at one of our clients who we facilitated a planning retreat with: they had no digital presence or sales process model. After a planning session we launched a new focused plan to a specific market and cross-sold the primary product line through a solid content plan. They obtain 60-70 new leads a month now! 

After 25 years and over 5,000 clients of experience, we wanted to help create more of these success stories. How? We've developed a new Marketing and Sale Planning Retreat service that works in three different ways, so that your business's unique needs are met. 

What would an onsite for a two 1/2 day planning retreat look like? You’ll get everything that’s in the product one engagement (a live sales barrier audit, on-site gaps and barriers resolution, plus a comprehensive plan for 2018), but the planning retreat will take place over two half-days at an off-site location of your choice. Why over two days? Experience taught us that it helps to break the planning session up to give us all the chance to sleep on ideas from day one and time to absorb all the information.

This is the most in-depth planning retreat we offer, which means you’ll be the most prepared as we head into 2018. Over two days we’re able to really dig deep into your business and discover any below-the-surface problems. Plus, your team will be equipped with a high-level understanding of your company and how sales and marketing practices should be aligned to score fantastic prospects.

This Marketing and Sales Planning Retreat is right for you if: a) you really want a fresh start in the new year, and you need to take the time to sit back and re-evaluate your business, b) you need a plan that can enact major changes and steer your company in a new direction for 2018, but also for years to come, or c) you can’t seem to find qualified leads, or you’re having trouble converting leads, and need a game plan pronto.

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