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From Vanity to Value Metrics: Your Digital ROI

By Andrea Walker | May 22, 2015

Like beauty, did you know metrics can run skin deep? If you look up the term "vanity," you'll find another definition..."lack of real value." 

Vanity metrics can have the same affect as dating a beautiful but vain person...they are nice to show off in public but lack any true depth that offers you real insights and growth. 



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Is Your Website Mobile Friendly? Why It's A Priority After April 21st

By Andrea Walker | April 17, 2015

I recently conducted a web audit for a client to study their current inbound strategy. After looking at all their web data, I found that over half of their site traffic comes from mobile devices. Interestingly, we could even pinpoint the specific times of day that their mobile traffic increased! 

But the question remained; was their website properly optimized for this particular audience? 

Beginning April 21, companies like yourself will need to prioritize mobile as part of your digital web strategy.

Here's why...