An Underappreciated Aspect of a Strong Corporate Culture

Help wanted: an experienced Project Manager to lead our production team

Are badly written email messages subverting your sales efforts?

Can emotion help you close more sales?

Defining Late-Stage Prospects

(Post 3) A deeper dive into effective late-stage marketing and sales

A deep dive into effective late-stage marketing and sales

Marketing Technology: making sense of the madness

A moment of clarity: Why marketing fails and what to do about it

Think Think Think, a good read on looking AND thinking forward

Sales Enablement: The secret to turning data into new sales

Seeking an Account Executive to Join the FitzMartin Team

Marketing Should Inform Your Decisions By Testing, Thinking, Gathering and Applying Insights

What is GDPR and why is a good chunk of the world freaking out about it?

You need to evaluate your current sales and marketing structure. It could be costing you millions.

Understand where a prospect is in the sales cycle to increase your close rate.

Understanding your prospects will increase your sales.

Wake the Dead Testimonial: How We Turned a Dead Contact List Into $800,000 in Net New Revenue

The "dish" is this: It's Time to "unpack" the "impact" of "fake news" ...and other words that must be dropped from your vocabulary. "Let that sink in."

Dig a Little Deeper: Why a deep dive planning retreat is a good fit

Setting Your business up for success with A Marketing Planning Retreat

Get Ready for 2018: Planning Is Key

Getting Out of the Office: Benefits of Off-Site Planning

Why Taking Time To Plan Works

Neuromarketing: Research For Advertising Success Installment Four

Neuromarketing: Research For Advertising Success Installment Two

Neuromarketing: Research For Advertising Success Installment Three

Neuromarketing: Research for Advertising Success

The Consumer Decision Journey: An Overview

2017: New Year, New Marketing Trends

Google to Start Using Mobile-First Indexing

Why content isn't the problem — a lack of insight is

The List of All Lists for B2B CMOs

MAT Industry Expected to Continue Growth, As Implementation of MAT Systems Becomes Trend for Businesses.

How to Catch Vanity Metrics: What to Look For to Avoid Metric Mayhem!

How to Gain Back 8 Days of Your Marketing Staff's Life

4 Tips for Responding to Negative Comments on Social Media

Instagram: The New Face of B2B Marketing?

The Rickwood Classic: A Time-Honored Birmingham Tradition

New Location. New Signage.

New Business Development Training with Seyfarth Shaw

Impact the Consumer Decision Journey through Social Media

Strong Revenue and Profits Expected

Strong Revenue and Profits Expected

Renewed Job Growth

Design Intern, Summer 2016

Account Service Intern, Summer 2016

Brand Refresh for Freshwater Land Trust

Investment Plans Hold Steady

Freshwater Land Trust Logo Refresh

Slow Growth Expected

Cookies and wine???

Why You Need a Working Sales and Marketing Framework

It's Official

Slow Growth Expected

Social Media Marketing: Living Up to the Hype

Confidence sees first increase since July

The Homepage is DEAD.

Why We Learn: the question of our time

Rethink Social Media: Watch for Emerging Trends

Rethink Social Media: Customer Support

Are you using B2B marketing and PR cyber bullying practices? Three terms to know and four tips for spotting this illicit practice.

B2B marketers can focus less on Google+

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

“Renewed focus will enhance FitzMartin’s legacy of helping business leaders achieve revenue goals”

We are hiring a Production Artist for Web and Print

AUM Television Shoot

It is time to hire a Marketing Manager: what is a good question to ask the candidate?

We are hiring an account executive

How most executives unintentionally undermine the marketing role and loose revenue in the process

Enabling Profit

Is web advertising dead?

Business leadership should offer marketing ROI challenges

Do you believe these are the two metrics every business leader must know?

B2B is search-driven, socially empowered and buyer-controlled

B2B sales success, through social media, is not about scale but specificity

The key to magic, and good advertising, is surprise

Land Aid 2015: interested in FREE tickets?

100% of companies that publish multiple posts a day attribute sales to that effort.

Why is FitzMartin a huge fan of opening up web analytics to clients?

A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.

Why the research? Why the data?

Four ways Warby Parker is ruining my life ...a tale of remarketing ad campaigns gone bad

2015 Digital Banking Trends

Finding Profit By Listening

Finding profit through innovation. ...only part of the story

Are you interested in 4 more SEO myths hurting your sales & marketing

3 SEO myths that hurt your sales & marketing results

From Vanity to Value Metrics: Your Digital ROI

Sales teams waste time. Sure. It’s true. (part 2)

Sales teams waste time. Sure. It’s true.

Old School Art: Telling a Corporate Story

What to do when your prospect doesn't understand what you do

B2B Sales and "Menu Engineering"

How Better Writing Can Help You Sell More

Mobile marketing. It’s a tricky world in that it looks easy and is accessible to everyone.

By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship without talking to a human

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly? Why It's A Priority After April 21st

Helping, not selling

46% B2B product buyers are millennials

Women's Media Consumption Habits

Can business learn from basketball?

Bankers do not belong on social media!

Design Trends from 2014

Investment banking and "Finding Profit"

Aligning sales and marketing. What? Why?

Much more than a good “bean counter”...

A new view, a fresh perspective

How Facebook Ads are Reaching Around the World

Social. Should You Try Again?

“purpose driven social” leads to Social Media ROI

Hillary 5.0, lessons for B2B sales and marketing

Let’s End the Percentage-Based Sales Cycle

The Mobile Content Mind-Set

Fear and Marketing

It’s Not All About the Money

Why Real-Time Bidding?

Top 9 Research Resources for Digital Marketers

The Next Big Thing for Marketing: a Duckbilled Platypus that can Play the Keytar

Better Creative Team + Better Agency Practices

No Magic Words

Using Social Media to Drive Lead Generation

Build Loyalty through Experiences Instead of Rewards

Brand Characters

The New Power Couple: Digital Marketing & PR

Marketing Automation: Shifting from Beginner to Intermediate

Your Customers Are Getting Smarter (An Excerpt from Affect | A Newsletter by FitzMartin)

Marketing Needs More Data Artists (An Excerpt from Affect | A Newsletter by FitzMartin)

What Is a Marketing Partner?

A Marketing Automation Technology (MAT) Primer

For Better or Worse, Your Web Analytics are Neither Good nor Bad

PPC: Benefits, Objectives & Overcoming Challenges

The SEO Process

Human Stories Still Work