Aligning sales and marketing. What? Why?


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Aligning sales and marketing. What does that mean? Why care? Is it not just small incremental gains that will yield miniscule results?

I’d say it's a whole lot more. It’s about finding profit. Real bottom-line cash.

At its root this alignment is simple. It’s about finding a way to have the efforts of your marketing and the efforts of your sales force working together. This is important because regardless of the power and skill of your sales team your buyers are finding information and moving through the customer decision journey outside the realm of influence at least some of the time.

In addition, many other powerful people in the process are influencing your decision maker. Think CEO, CFO, floor or plant managers, in-house engineering, legal and accounting counsel, consultants, etc.…

Finally the time it takes to make a B2B buying decision is long and being extended every year. In fact the average B2B sales cycle has lengthened by 22% over the past five years due to the involvement of more decision makers in the process. (SiriusDecisions, January, 2014)

So if this sales and marketing alignment is in fact important, do something about it! On April 8th three firms have joined together to share ideas and insights to business leaders. The focus is on finding profit and I will be talking about sales and marketing alignment.

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