Much more than a good “bean counter”...


Learn what John said in this short clip:

John Shank, a CPA, GGMA and founding member of Barfield, Murphy, Shank & Smith, has helped me think through many business situations over the 25 years FitzMartin has been in business. It's true that an accountant can add value as much more than a good “bean counter.”

The intent of B2B marketing and sales is to yeild profit. Gross revenue drives business. There are, however, more pitfalls to business than the new business battles. 

John’s thinking teaching on how to recognize five common failures in management and accounting that business owners and key management team members make and then guiding how to avoid them is very powerful.

  • Using debt and equity
  • The accounting system
  • A view on personnel
  • Thinking on strategic planning
  • Making the hard decisions

So yes, accountants not only record and report on but also are active in finding profit! On April 8th three firms have joined together to share ideas and insights to business leaders. The focus is on finding profit and John will be talking about these five common failures in management and accounting. Come on.

Learn more in this short video clip: