A new view, a fresh perspective

They say change is the only constant. After 15 years in the Martin Biscuit Building, we've relocated up the street a few blocks to the Day Building, formerly the Pella Window Building, originally the White Swan Laundry Building. To be precise, we're at 2826 6th Avenue South, that's 6th Avenue between 29th and 28th Streets South. Our phone numbers and email contacts all remain the same.

Moving is one of life's great trials, whether you are moving into a new home or moving your business. It forces you to reevaluate most everything about your life or your business, to clean out literally and metaphorically. After two weeks in our new space, it's becoming clear that a new view, a new perspective if you will, is good. There's a renewed enthusiasm around the place. All that we had become used to, somehow feels fresher.

Three months in, and 2015 is looking to be an interesting year. The neighborhood has changed a bit since this ad for the White Swan Laundry first ran. We would love for you to come visit.


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